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Why An Audiologist Can Offer More If You Suspect Hearing Loss

Why An Audiologist Can Offer More If You Suspect Hearing Loss

If you have started to suspect that you may be suffering from hearing loss, then your first task should be to take yourself to your local audiologist’s office. As long as no trauma or illness is present, it is likely that your hearing has been affected by something an audiologist is best suited to solving.

How Your Audiologist Determines Hearing Loss

At The Hearing Doctors, our audiologists have years of specialized training that other health care professionals lack. Because of this, an audiologist is best suited to discover the reason behind your hearing loss and what solutions would be best in your circumstance.

Unlike the simple hearing tests we received as children, an audiological exam has multiple parts so the audiologist can pinpoint exactly what the issue may be. These parts cover your hearing’s:

  • Accuracy
  • Sensitivity to sounds
  • Decibel range
  • Acuity

Along with the exam to determine the exact range and possible limitations of your hearing, there are other periphery tests which will be performed. This will help the audiologist determine to what extent your hearing affects you.

  • Visual inspection of the ear – The audiologist will look for physical damage to the ear canal and eardrum, checking to see if that is where your hearing difficulties lie.
  • Middle ear functionality tests – If the visual test is inconclusive, your audiologist may perform other tests to assess the middle ear’s functionality.
  • Patient history review – Your audiologist may need to review your health history to pinpoint where your hearing loss issue originated.

Many health care professionals do not have the equipment or training to perform these auditory tests. However, it is very important to have a precise diagnosis of what is wrong, as it will affect your hearing loss solutions.

Hearing Solutions From An Audiologist

When you have identified that you have hearing loss, most health care professionals just tell you to buy some hearing aids and that’s it. But there are more options available.

  • Aura rehabilitation – Working with your audiologist, they will help you tune back into conversations. Before your hearing loss was discovered, it is likely you have become used to hearing sounds as an aura surrounding you. An audiologist can work with you to become sensitive to sounds again.
  • Hearing aids – There are only two medical professionals who can dispense hearing aids: audiologist and hearing instrument professionals. You will want to choose to work with an audiologist when choosing your hearing aids. With their in-depth testing, you will receive the best advice for what will suit you best. Whereas a hearing instrument professional generally has a quota to meet and lacks the training to accurately assess what you need from a hearing aid.
  • Cerumen removal – Earwax removal should be handled professionally, as there is danger when removing earwax without an audiologist. Wax buildup also may become more of a problem once you have hearing aids.
  • Listening strategies – With a clear understand of the severity of your hearing loss, your audiologist is the best to work out new listening strategies. Whether those strategies include lip-reading or so just making sure you face whomever you are talking to, they can help select which strategies will work best for you.

Hearing loss isn’t something you just have to accept along with substandard care. For the best care and highest emphasis placed on your ability to utilize your remaining hearing, you should be sure to work with an audiologist.

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