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Win Whittaker’s Story

Win Whittaker

There are few things so precious to us as our own senses. They impact the way we view and perceive the world. When speaking of your hearing, it can have a much greater effect than merely causing us to lose our ability to listen. It can worm its way into every facet of our lives, and begin to deteriorate relationships, experiences, and our own happiness.

Win Whittaker has such a story. Born to a famous mountaineer father, he spent his life out in the outdoors, climbing peaks from an early age and learning to listen to and appreciate nature. He became a mountain climbing teacher himself, and it was during one of these expeditions that he started to notice a problem.

The Beginning Of Win’s Hearing Loss

It started with small things: he couldn’t hear his climbing group when they would ask him questions. He wasn’t answering his wife, or acknowledging that she was speaking. He would wave it off, often asking others to repeat themselves, or pretending he had heard them the first time.

This is a common tactic for people who begin to lose their hearing. Out of embarrassment, irritation with their own inability to make out words, or fear that they are finding it difficult to hear, they ignore the problem. But as the hearing loss progresses, relationships and the ability to enjoy certain things regresses. Soon, it becomes obvious that there is something very wrong.

Win did not discover his hearing problems in a doctor’s office. Instead, he and his wife attended a local fair with a group of friends. There was a booth that tested your hearing there, and they thought it would be fun to try it out. He walked out of that booth with a recommendation that he have his hearing checked by a medical professional, and Win could no longer hide from the truth.

Finding New Hope

All hope was not lost. After doing some research online, Win came across a story about ReSound, a tech company working with Apple to revolutionize hearing aids. The device (called LiNX2) connects with and is controlled through an iPhone and other devices to adjust levels, block out background noise, and even stream media.

This was Win’s story, but it could also be yours. If you suspect you have been experiencing hearing loss, or you have been fitted with hearing aids previously, talk to your audiologist about whether Resource LiNX2 could be right for you.

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