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Your Hearing And The “Yanny Or Laurel” Debate

When the debate surrounding the hearing of “Yanny vs. Laurel” reached our audiology office, our team at Hearing & Balance Doctors was naturally interested as it had everything to do with the sound interpretation of the human ear. Whether you hear “Yanny” or “Laurel” is rooted in your hearing and not some other quirk of perception.

Hearing Loss And Sound Frequency

First, you need to understand a little about sound frequencies. The average frequency hearing range for someone in their twenties is 20 Hz to 20 kHz (20,000 Hz). Young children have the ability to hear higher frequencies than adults, which is why children may complain of sounds their parents cannot hear.

As we age, our hearing frequency range becomes more limited and can drop down to between 12-14 kHz at max frequency. If your hearing frequency loss is more significant than average, it can affect the sounds you are hearing. In the case of high-frequency hearing loss, the affected:

  • May struggle to hear female voices
  • Might miss bird sounds, microwave beeping, and other high pitched sounds
  • Can struggle to hear s, h, and/or f consonant sounds
  • Hearing sounds in the 2,000-8,000 Hz range

Suffering from low-frequency hearing loss is less common than high-frequency hearing loss.  It often goes undetected for long stretches since in many cases, low-frequency hearing loss can improve how well an individual hears human speech, as most voices are pitched well within their range. Some of the other ways these people are affected are:

  • May struggle in group conversations when spoken sounds become muddled
  • Can miss low-toned warning sounds, such as thunder rumbling

What Hearing “Yanny Or Laurel” May Mean

If you originally heard the word “Laurel” when you listened to the sound clip, then you have a greater attunement to low-frequency sounds. So, if you are someone who heard “Yanny” your ears are more accustomed to listening for higher-frequency sounds.

Whether you heard “Yanny or Laurel” does not mean you lack a certain range of sound frequency hearing. However, if you have noticed you are struggling with other indicators we mentioned above, you may want to have your hearing evaluated.

Correcting High- Or Low-Frequency Hearing Loss

After a person has had their hearing evaluated by one of our doctors of audiology and our audiologists have found sound frequency hearing loss, not all is lost. With some hearing rehabilitation and the use of hearing aids, a large range of a person’s hearing can be restored. Contact us for an appointment to have your hearing evaluated and receive the best hearing aid care in Southern Utah.

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