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Due to COVID-19, the Hearing & Balance Doctors will be OPEN for essential/urgent issues at this time. We will also be offering a Drive-Thru service for hearing aids. Please call (435) 688-8991 for more information. Click for Update Utah: 435-688-8991 | Nevada: 702-896-0031
Due to COVID-19, the Hearing & Balance Doctors offices are closed until March 29th. We are seeing patients on an essential or urgent basis only. If you have an essential or urgent need, please call our office at (435) 688-8991 and leave a message. Click for Update Utah: 435-688-8991 | Nevada: 702-896-0031

Ask the Audiologist: Why Do Some Sounds Make Me Cringe?

We can all pinpoint sounds that make us cringe or flinch if we hear it, like the squealing of car breaks or chalk scraping on a blackboard. While some people may not visibly cringe, these kinds of sounds always have an impact on those with intact hearing. So, you may be wondering why some sounds […]

How Often to Visit Your Audiologist

Part of keeping your hearing in good order involves visits with your audiologist. But, unlike biannual cleanings with a dentist, it can be tough to know how often you should be seeing your audiologist to maintain your hearing. The thing is, how often you should see your audiologist will be highly dependent on what you […]

Advice From Your Audiologist: Two Hearing Aids Are Better Than One

One of the significant steps in treating sensorineural hearing loss is to use hearing aids. These specialized medical devices are designed to help fill in the sound frequency gaps that occur as part of hearing loss. Different hearing aids are more appropriate for varying levels of hearing loss. To accommodate your specific hearing loss, our […]

Ask the Audiologist: What Causes Hearing Aid Feedback

Hearing aids are excellent devices that allow you to connect with the rest of the world of sound around you. There have been many improvements made to hearing aids; however, that doesn’t mean that they are perfect. A common issue that hearing aid users run into is hearing aid feedback. This feedback can cause your […]

Can An Audiologist Remove Ear Wax?

Ear wax—also called cerumen—is a natural phenomenon that helps to protect our ear canals from debris. In the normal course of things, your ear wax naturally drains on its own. However, when your ear wax builds up, it can be uncomfortable and even painful, as well as cause difficulty with your hearing. While not all […]

Ask the Audiologist: Will Ear Ringing Go Away?

Most people have heard phantom ringing in their ears or other irritating sounds like buzzing, static, hissing, and other monotone sounds that only they can hear. These phantom sounds often go away on their own. However, they can become a serious issue when the constant ear ringing doesn’t go away. If you have been struggling […]

Advice From Your Audiologist: Aural Rehabilitation is a Must

Recovering from hearing loss isn’t simply a matter of putting in a pair of hearing aids then going about your daily life. By the time most people come in to have their hearing loss taken care of, they have adjusted to a certain level of hearing and understanding capacity. To overcome this, more than just […]

What is the Difference Between an Audiologist and an ENT

Your hearing is a sophisticated sense, which can make it essential that you know which hearing specialist to seek care from when there is a hearing problem like hearing loss. Two of the primary types of hearing health care specialist you will encounter during your search for help are audiologists and ear, nose, and throat […]