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Utah: 435-688-8991 Nevada: 702-896-0031

When to Clean Hearing Aids & What to Use

Hearing aids are a significant investment in your hearing health, and it is important to care for them. That way, you can enjoy using them and ensure that your hearing aids reach their max lifespan. While our doctors of audiology make sure to go over hearing aid care when you pick up your new hearing […]

Call Your Audiologist If You’re Experiencing Any of These 3 Things

If you don’t have a family member that has worked with an audiologist, you may not be aware of the various health considerations that audiologists can help you. As audiologists focus on your hearing health care and the related issues that can come up with hearing problems, you should be sure to call an audiologist […]

Ask an Audiologist: What Kind of Technology Should I Get in My Hearing Aid?

One of the most common questions asked by those who work with our audiologists to find new hearing aids is “What kind of technology should I get in my hearing aids”. Often, this question comes after our doctors of audiology have already discussed some of the benefits of hearing aids, and have made it clear […]

Early Hearing Aid Use Improves Speech in Kids With Hearing Loss

Detecting mild-to-moderate hearing loss is difficult in kids unless they undergo regular hearing evaluations. Alert parents can easily detect severe or profound hearing loss, but only an audiometric test can confirm a mild hearing loss. In case your kid has been diagnosed with hearing loss, you should not neglect the loss even if it’s a […]

Thrive Hearing – New App For Starkey Livio AI Hearing Aids

You may have heard of the latest upgrade to the Starkey hearing aids line, the Livio AI hearing aids since these hearing aids are the first AI hearing aids. But, along with these hearing aids ability to learn your hearing preferences and adjust automatically, you can also pair them with the new Thrive Hearing app […]

AI Voice Control With The ReSound LiNX Quattro Hearing Aids

For many people, simply being able to hear well again with their hearing aids is enough. But in our modern world where we expect the most of our technology, there is a hearing aid manufacturer who is changing everyone’s expectations of hearing aids. What Can You Do With LiNX Quattro AI Hearing Aids An upgrade […]

Real Ear Measurement Enhances Your Hearing With Hearing Aids

Your hearing loss needs are unique, so it only makes sense that your hearing aids can’t simply be a one-size-fits-all that you pop in your ear right after you receive them from our doctors of audiology. To help ensure that your hearing aids work precisely for your hearing needs, you need a real-ear measurement.   […]

Hearing Doctors’ New Location in Santa Clara, UT!

Hearing & Balance Doctors is excited to announce the opening of a new clinic location in Santa Clara, Utah. The new clinic is now officially open as of April 1st, 2019 and will be an extension of our long-standing home office in St. George. The new office is located at 1100 North Canyon View Drive […]

Hearing & Balance Doctors Favorite Hearing Aid

Our doctors of audiology work with all the major hearing aid brands. With all their combined experience, our hearing specialists have decided that out of all the various hearing aid available, the ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids are their favorite. See the video below and continue reading to learn why. Explore The LiNX Quattro Hearing […]

Hearing Aids in 2019: Current Technology &Innovations

The technology involved in developing excellent hearing aids is continually-evolving, and 2019 is no exception. Most major hearing aid manufacturers have announced new technologies they hope to implement as well as engaging hearing aid innovations which are now available through your local audiologists and hearing specialists. Below is a roundup of the most exciting hearing […]