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Due to COVID-19, the Hearing & Balance Doctors will be OPEN for essential/urgent issues at this time. We will also be offering a Drive-Thru service for hearing aids. Please call (435) 688-8991 for more information. Click for Update Utah: 435-688-8991 | Nevada: 702-896-0031
Due to COVID-19, the Hearing & Balance Doctors offices are closed until March 29th. We are seeing patients on an essential or urgent basis only. If you have an essential or urgent need, please call our office at (435) 688-8991 and leave a message. Click for Update Utah: 435-688-8991 | Nevada: 702-896-0031

Ask the Audiologist: Can Hearing Loss Be Hereditary?

There are many ways hearing loss can occur—from age-related hearing loss to acquired hearing loss due to loud noise exposure. But do genetics play a role in hearing loss? Well, according to our doctors of audiology, there some cases where hearing loss is a hereditary issue. However, there are many factors involved that can influence […]

Hearing Loss Statistics We Don’t Like to Hear

Most people don’t like to think about hearing loss. Since hearing loss is often considered a problem for senior citizens, individuals feel comfortable dismissing information regarding hearing loss, considering it only a potential problem when they get older. But, there are a number of alarming hearing loss statistics that make it clear that hearing loss […]

Hearing Aid Heroes: Phil Collins’ Journey With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can affect people of all ages, and no matter your age, it can be demoralizing to have to learn to live with hearing loss. While there are solutions to help correct hearing loss—with the solutions varying depending on the type of hearing loss—learning to live with hearing loss can be a journey. Because […]

How Often to Visit Your Audiologist

Part of keeping your hearing in good order involves visits with your audiologist. But, unlike biannual cleanings with a dentist, it can be tough to know how often you should be seeing your audiologist to maintain your hearing. The thing is, how often you should see your audiologist will be highly dependent on what you […]

How Does Hearing Loss Affect Speech?

The effects of hearing loss extend far beyond the inability to hear properly. Not only can untreated hearing loss lead to feelings of isolation, depression, and increase the risk of cognitive decline, but hearing loss can also affect your speech. When children have hearing loss, their ability to develop critical language skills can be impaired, […]

4 Ways You Can Help Give the Gift of Hearing

The ability to hear is an integral part of how people communicate and connect with one another. When a person’s hearing is impaired, their connection to others—family, friends, coworkers, service staff, etc.—is disrupted, and communication becomes difficult. To help restore this connection, hearing aids play a vital role. Modern digital hearing aids can capture, process, […]

The Gift of Hearing: The Best Present You Can Give Yourself & Your Loved Ones

Living with untreated hearing loss can be slowly debilitating. From feeling cut off socially to struggling to navigate basic activities, hearing loss can impact all aspects of a person’s life. However, while hearing loss is a serious issue, the cost of hearing aids can be a barrier for someone who needs them. With the giving […]

Get Your Hearing Ready: Tuacahn’s Seasonal Events

The holiday season has started, and there is so much to see and hear, from driving around to see Christmas lights to catching one of Tuacahn’s events. But if you are struggling with hearing loss this season, you may not be able to enjoy the upcoming holiday celebrations as completely. To help motivate you to […]

Audiology Awareness Month: Important Differences Between Hearing Loss & Vision Deterioration

Obviously, there is a difference between your hearing and vision—hearing involves your ears while vision revolves around your eyes. But what we here at Hearing & Balance Doctors would like to focus on for October’s Audiology Awareness Month is how caring for your hearing impacts you differently than caring for your vision. How Hearing Loss […]

How to Cope With Your Spouse That’s In Denial About Hearing Loss

Something that isn’t often directly addressed is the impact hearing loss can have on the relationship between spouses. Often, the struggles of hearing loss are discussed from the vantage of how it affects the person with hearing loss. But if you have a partner who is in denial about their hearing loss, it can have […]