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Cell Phone Accessories

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly friendly for hearing impaired users, particularly with the prevalence of texting and online social media/email use. The Federal Communications Commision has also required all cell phone manufacturers to meet certain guidelines when producing HAC (Hearing Aid Compatible) handsets, in order to allow those with hearing aids to better use their devices.

But if you want to really enhance your experience, there are accessories made to improve the use of mobile phones for people with hearing aids.

Telecoil Hearing Aid Features

Modern hearing aids are generally built with mobile phone use in mind. If your own isn’t that old, it should have a feature known as a telecoil included. This sends sound signals, usually through Bluetooth, directly from your phone to your hearing aid. So you can hear the conversation without interference, unlike when using a landline phone that may become garbled, or be difficult to pick up certain words.


A neckloop is a device similar to a necklace that wraps around the user’s neck. It connect via a cable to one or two hearing aids, and amplifies sound. Some telecoils can be adapted to use a neckloop to transmit sound from the phone. Thanks to their ease of use, lighter weight and affordability, they are a popular option for people who want to enhance their mobile phone use. It can also be compatible with other digital devices.

Earhook Silhouette

An earhook silhouette is similar in function to a neckloop. It generates a signal that the telecoil in your hearing aid can pick up and transmit to. However, it doesn’t go around the neck like a necklace. It hooks around the back of the ear, similar to certain types of headphones. You then connect a cable from the earhook to a device, through the headphone jack. Many people prefer an earhook silhouette thanks to its more discreet size and placement.

Why You Need HAC Mobile Phone Accessories In Your Life

Hearing aid users will often rely on texting or email in order to communicate, thanks to the difficulty of hearing through mobile devices. But that doesn’t have to be the case any longer. Using accessories meant to enhance HAC cell phones is a great way to make voice chatting accessible once again.

It can also allow the user to enjoy media through their smartphones. Applications that stream movies, music, podcasts and games are popular, and these accessories make them useable by the hearing impaired for the first time.

Because the FCC passed a law requiring phone manufacturers to provide HAC devices for the hearing impaired, it is easy to find a phone that will work for you. Many also produce their own line of accessories to choose from, which are most compatible with your chosen device. See their product lines for more information, and to find the one that is right for you.

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