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Custom Ear Plugs

Hearing can be damaged based on a variety of factors. A primary cause of such damage is being exposed to loud noises for too long. This problem is often discovered late in the game, often making it impossible for the hearing to return.

Because of this leading cause in hearing loss, an integral part of safety is wearing proper protection when in environments with lots of noise. Those who should be most worried about hearing loss as a result of their career include:

  • Motorcycle couriers
  • Factory or farm workers
  • Construction employees
  • Rock stars or classical musicians
  • Nightclub wait staff or bartenders
  • Airport technicians
  • Landscapers

These are just a few of the many people that need extra protection for their hearing while at work. The general rule is any person exposed to high noise content should use extra protection. If your career or lifestyle falls into that category, you should wear ear protection to prevent long-term hearing loss.

The same rule goes for those who frequently attend events or use loud machinery. Frequent exposure to mowing grass, cutting down trees, driving a truck, attending concerts, shooting a gun, and other loud noises can cause hearing loss.

When it comes to finding the perfect protective earmold, don’t take the task lightly. You can always buy earplugs or molds at a drugstore, but that doesn’t promise a perfect solution. Oftentimes, these can be loosely fitting and uncomfortable. Custom earbuds offer far better security.

Customizing Your Earmolds

The kind and size of your earmold will depend on your needs and measurements. The textures range from hard shell to springy. Most people choose to purchase the half shell or full shell molds. Half shell molds are best for noise exposure at the medium level. Full shell is the recommended set for frequent and high-noise environments. To see the best earmold type for you, consult with an audiologist who will take your specific and customized needs into account.

If you need to verbally communicate with the earmolds in place, look for those with a filtered attenuator. This is common among musicians who need to preserve their hearing while staying on pitch. There’s also the option of using a plain earmold to go over a set of earbuds or a boom-mic headset.

Regardless of the need, earmolds are named as they are because they will “mold” and contour to the ear of the individual. The fit will be more comfortable and far more secure than any other earplug or headset, and they’re the best possible protection against hearing loss.

Customizing Your Earplugs

If earmolds aren’t your style, you may choose customized earplugs. Like the molds, there’s a difference in the texture of plugs, ranging from solid to squishy, but their primary purpose is always to protect the ear canal. Overall, most earplugs let some level of sound through. These plugs are usually designated for those who need to protect their hearing, but also communicate with others on the job.

Everyone’s ear canal is different, and customized earplugs offer the best protection to fit the canal. The comfort level will be higher than that of store-bought earplugs, and the use of detachable cords or handles makes it easy to keep track of them.

If your need for earplugs has nothing to do with high noise exposure (such as a swimmer looking to avoid water in the ears), customized earbuds can be a great solution. It’s available for all kinds of protection and will offer much higher security than the typical plug.

If you talk to your audiologist, you can get the customized earplug or mold that matches your needs. It’s essential that you take care of your hearing now and forever. If your work environment has a lot of noise, schedule regular appointments to check for any signs of hearing loss. With the help of your audiologist, you can find the perfect solution to any hearing-related risks.