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Hearing Aid Heroes: Phil Collins’ Journey With Hearing Loss

Hearing Aid Heroes - Phil Collins' Journey With Hearing Loss
Hearing loss can affect people of all ages, and no matter your age, it can be demoralizing to have to learn to live with hearing loss. While there are solutions to help correct hearing loss—with the solutions varying depending on the type of hearing loss—learning to live with hearing loss can be a journey.

Because of the difficulty some people feel when facing hearing loss, here at Hearing & Balance Doctors, we like to highlight those individuals who have lived inspiring lives even while dealing with hearing loss. One such hearing aid hero that we want to feature is Phil Collins, a notable musician with decades of success.

Phil Collins’ Successful Music Career And Hearing Loss

Younger generations may be more familiar with Phil Collins after the Disney movie Tarzan hit theaters, as he was the composer of the award-winning soundtrack. But, decades before that, Collins had a successful musical career, both as the drummer for Genesis and his own solo musical career.

However, spending forty active years in the music industry took its toll on Collins. After suffering from sudden hearing loss, he ended up retiring from the music industry. Though he returned a few years later, Collins does not push himself the same way, as he is concerned about his still-affected hearing.

Also, an interesting factor in Collins’ hearing loss is that stress was pointed to as one of the significant factors. Stress is also a key trigger for tinnitus, and while it has not been specifically mentioned that Collins has tinnitus, sudden deafness can be a trigger for others to experience tinnitus.

Be Proactive In Protecting Your Hearing

Naturally, since Collins has sensorineural hearing loss, he uses hearing aids to help overcome his hearing restriction. Without hearing aids, those with hearing loss often become restricted, as their inability to hear well impacts quality of life.

To prevent hearing loss from affecting your life, here are some tips that can help:

  • Using hearing protection – On average, a rock concert, like Collins used to play in, would be around 110-120 decibels. This level of noise is more than enough to damage your hearing, even if you are just an attendee. Be sure to use hearing protection, such as earplugs and earmuffs, when engaging in loud noise activities.
  • Go in for hearing evaluations – To track changes in your hearing and address hearing loss early, be sure to go in for yearly hearing evaluations. These in-depth hearing tests can help our doctors of audiology pinpoint if you have a hearing issue.
  • Take hearing breaks – When at a loud event like a concert or sporting event, take breaks when you can to preserve your hearing. These breaks give your over-worked hearing the rest it needs.
  • Keep volume lower – With our high-fidelity audio devices, earbuds, and headphones, it is easy to crank up the volume to dangerous levels that can harm your hearing. Try and always keep your volume below 60% of the max volume available.

If you are ready to take your hearing loss care into your hands, please contact us today and schedule your hearing evaluation with our audiologists.

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