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Hearing Aids: The Ultimate Secret to Avoid Getting “Old” and Staying Young

One of the major reasons why people resist hearing aids is because they are worried that it will make them look old. In their minds, only their elderly grandparents wore the bulky beige devices, and those hearing aids could make anyone older. Yet, thanks to modern advances, hearing aids have vastly improved over the years, both in quality and style.

By working with our doctors of audiology, you can find the right hearing aids for your needs. And with the perfect hearing aids, you can have increased hearing abilities that won’t give away your age but keep you youthful and actively involved in your life.

Why Hearing Loss Is Considered Only For Older Adults

While there are younger people with hearing loss, they often are more likely to use hearing aids from a young age, which eliminates a significant sign of aging.

Difficulty Communicating Signals Aging

When an older adult starts saying things like “What? I can’t hear you” and “You need to speak up” in response to normal conversational volume, it is a clear sign of aging. In fact, it is pretty much a common trope in entertainment to signal that someone is elderly by having them be ostentatiously hard of hearing.

With a pair of properly fitted hearing aids, not only can you discreetly turn up the volume on life, but you can more easily engage. Rather than straining to hear, you can enjoy the natural clarity that digital hearing aids can bring and join in with conversations without worrying that you will miss something.

Social Withdrawal Is Considered An “Old Person” Trait

Struggling with hearing loss can make it difficult to interact with others socially. Many people first start recognizing their hearing loss when they realize that hearing in a group setting is more difficult. Due to all the sound bouncing around with conversations and background noises, the chaos can make following group conversations incredibly hard.

Often, this difficulty and embarrassment at asking people to repeat what they said can lead to a person socially withdrawing. Yet, by pulling back socially is highly associated with aging.

By using hearing aids that are programmed for your hearing needs, you won’t feel the need to draw away from others socially. Thanks to the advancements in hearing aid technology and our audiologists programming, your hearing aids can help reduce the sound confusion that hearing loss can cause. You’ll be able to hear all the jokes, maybe even make a few yourself, and stay up to beat with any conversation happening.

Extra-Loud Media Can Make Visitors Uncomfortable

When you have hearing loss, it is not unusual to turn up the audio media you are enjoying. However, loud audio can be uncomfortable for people with intact hearing. Also, blasting media at uncomfortable levels is generally considered something that only “old people”—and bad neighbors—do.

Hearing aids even work in these situations! Depending on the level of technology you are comfortable with, you can have your audio entertainment streamed directly to your hearing aids. That way, you can enjoy it at whatever volume you find comfortable and allow your company to enjoy a more normalized volume. This allows for more social gatherings and good times for all.

If you recognize some of these signs in yourself but aren’t positive you have hearing loss, you can always clear up the question by having a diagnostic hearing evaluation.

Hearing Aids Can Erase Signs Of Hearing Loss

Should the hearing evaluation show that you do have a degree of hearing loss, you aren’t stuck just living with hearing loss. By choosing hearing aids, you can significantly improve your hearing and erase this visible sign of aging.

Our doctors of audiology here at Hearing & Balance Doctors have helped countless people find the right hearing aids for their needs. There are many styles that you can try out during your consultation with our audiologists, and you will be surprised by how discreet hearing aids can be with the new advancements made in hearing technology.

Received Custom-Programmed Hearing Aids At Hearing & Balance Doctors

When you work with our audiologists to receive your new hearing aids, you aren’t just sent out the door with your hearing aids. Our audiologists take the time to program your hearing aids for your specific hearing needs to ensure that you get the best hearing possible.

To find your perfect hearing aids and start enjoying your hearing again, contact us to set up a hearing evaluation and consultation with our doctors of audiology today.

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