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Prepping For Summer Fun: Are There Waterproof Hearing Aids?

If you have gotten used to enjoying your improved hearing thanks to your hearing aids, you likely don’t want to have to take them out every time there might be water around. But while it’s easy to avoid water-based activities most of the year, summer activities tend to revolve around water, whether you are going for a swim or just sweating while you garden.

To make sure that you can use your hearing aids throughout the summer without adjustments, you may have wondered if there are waterproof hearing aids. The short answer is, no, there are no waterproof hearing aids. However, our doctors of audiology are here to provide you with options that can still protect your hearing aids and offer you water-resistant hearing aid options.

Why Are There No Waterproof Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids unable to be made completely waterproof because they need to have openings to allow sound in and out, which also provides openings for moisture to get in and damage the delicate circuitry. However, even though hearing aids can’t be made completely waterproof, they can be made significantly more water-resistant than you might expect.

Every hearing aid receives a two-number rating that indicates the device’s ability to be protected from dust and other debris with the other number indicating the hearing aid’s resistance to water. This rating is called an Ingress Protection (IP). An example of what this would look like would be IP 77, with the first number representing the debris protection and the second number representing the water-resistance. The higher the second number, the more water-resistant the hearing aid is, though none of our doctors of audiology recommend that you submerge or intentionally wet your hearing aids to test the protection.

How To Protect Your Hearing Aids From Water This Summer

Regardless of your hearing aids water-resistance rating, there are things you should do to protect your hearing aids from the water this summer.

  • Keep a drying cloth with you – As you go about your day’s activities this summer, you should carry a drying cloth with you. That way, you can dry off your hearing aids periodically throughout the day as you sweat or if there are any accidental sprays of water.
  • Consider hearing aid covers – There are several types of cloth hearing aid covers that can be put over your hearing aids to help protect them from incidental water contact and sweat. These covers are for Behind-The-Ear and Receiver-In-Canal style hearing aids, as the other type of hearing aids rest inside the ear.
  • Take out hearing aids before water activities – If you know you will be going to enjoy activities which take place in or near water, whether it’s a day at the beach or going water skiing, be sure to take out your hearing aids.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat – To both protect your hearing aids from overheating and to help keep your head from sweating, try to wear a wide-brimmed hat when you will be outside for long stretches of time.
  • Use a dehumidifier at night – A hearing aid dehumidifier can help in drying out your hearing aids when you are done wearing them for the night. Our hearing doctors can help you determine what dehumidifier is right for your needs.
  • Wipe down hearing aids at night – Before you place your hearing aids in your dehumidifier or hearing aid case, be sure to wipe them down completely. Take the hearing aid batteries out and keep the battery compartment open so that your hearing aids can dry completely overnight.

Find Water-Resistant Hearing Aids At Hearing & Balance Doctors

If you are interested in water-resistant hearing aids, there are several hearing aid manufacturers who produce water-resistant hearing aids. Here at Hearing & Balance Doctors, some of the water-resistant hearing aid manufacturers you can find are:

To work with one of our doctors of audiology to find your best hearing aid options this summer, contact us today!

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