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ReSound ENZO 3D: Smallest Hearing Aid for Severe-to-Profound Hearing Loss

ReSound ENZO 3D - Smallest Hearing Aid for Severe-to-Profound Hearing Loss
When it comes to choosing hearing aids, there are hundreds of modern digital hearing aids available. However, not all of them are the right kind of hearing aids for your needs.

For those who have severe-to-profound hearing loss, the options are slightly restricted, as a hearing aid needs to be pretty powerful to provide the needed level of amplification. So, if you have severe-to-profound hearing loss, you may want to know more about ReSound ENZO 3D hearing aids.

Enjoy Better Sound Clarity With ENZO 3D Hearing Aids

One of the stand-out features of the ENZO 3D is the impressive sound clarity and amplification available. This amplification is packaged in two different sized Behind-The-Ear hearing aids, one of which is remarkably small for a hearing aid that is meant for severe-to-profound hearing loss.

The ENZO 3D hearing aids are designed to provide superior speech clarity even with background noise. That way, those who have severely impaired hearing will be able to navigate a variety of situations without trouble.

ENZO 3D Hearing Aids

ReSound ENZO 3D Engaging Hearing Aid Features

There are many other engaging features you can find with the ReSound ENZO 3D hearing aids to complement the quality hearing. Some of these features are:

  • Geo-tag locations – To improve the ease and quality of your hearing in different locations, the ENZO 3D comes with the ability to create hearing programs that are associated with assigned locations. Once you enter a geographically-tagged location, your hearing aids will automatically switch to the hearing aid program you created for that area.
  • ReSound Smart 3D app – Take better control over your hearing aids with the ReSound Smart 3D app. You can adjust volume, connect wirelessly to your hearing aids, manage tinnitus programs, and more with this app.
  • Wireless connectivity – Easily connect with other wireless devices with your hearing aids, thanks to the wireless connectivity built into the ENZO 3D hearing aids. With the Bluetooth feature, you can pair your hearing aids with your smartphone, Bluetooth-capable TV, or wireless audio.
  • Binaural Directionality III – Natural hearing allows for continuous transmission between ears, allowing you to focus on something without losing track of your surroundings. However, hearing loss interrupts this process, so the ENZO 3D communicates back and forth, allowing you to listen to what you need while hearing what’s happening nearby.
  • ReSound Assist – It is not always convenient to come into the hearing clinic to have your hearing aids serviced. With the ENZO 3D hearing aids, you don’t have to come in. Instead, you can enjoy remote hearing aid assistance, with the ability to receive hearing aid program updates remotely.
  • Spatial Sense – To help you identify where sounds are coming from, the ENZO 3D comes with spatial sense built-in. That way, you can more easily navigate the world of sound.
  • iSolate nanotech – The components of the ENZO 3D are all coated with the iSolate nanotech shield, which protects the components from dust, water, and earwax. While you still need to protect the ENZO 3D hearing aids from water and clean them regularly, they are more durable with this feature.

Find ReSound Hearing Aids And Other Brands In St. George, UT

Should you be interested in trying out the ReSound ENZO 3D hearing aids in St. George, UT, Hearing and Balance Doctors are here for you. With our multiple clinics, you can easily visit, have your hearing evaluated, and our doctors of audiology can assess if the ENZO 3D hearing aids are a good fit for your hearing needs.

If you are interested in ReSound or any other hearing aids, feel free to contact us to get your hearing tested and try out a new pair of hearing aids.

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