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Hearing & Balance Doctors is currently open. We are taking special measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 including offering a curbside service for hearing aids. Please call 435-688-8991 for more information. Utah: 435-688-8991 | Nevada: 702-896-0031
Hearing & Balance Doctors is currently open. We are taking special measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 including offering a curbside service for hearing aids. Please call 435-688-8991 for more information. Utah: 435-688-8991 | Nevada: 702-896-0031

Tech Talk: Surprising Things Hearing Aids Can Do

Tech Talk - Surprising Things Hearing Aids Can Do
The number one job of hearing aids is to capture, process, and amplify sound so that you can enjoy improved hearing. However, that doesn’t mean that sound amplification is all that your hearing aids can offer you.

When it comes to modern hearing aids, many people are surprised by the features that are available when our doctors of audiology discuss their options. If you aren’t sure what kinds of hearing aid technology is now available, here are some of the most surprising features you can enjoy with your new hearing aids.

Recharge Hearing Aids

Dealing with tiny hearing aid batteries can be frustrating, especially if your dexterity has diminished. Rather than struggle to replace your hearing aid batteries every 5-10 days, you can choose rechargeable hearing aids.

At this time, all rechargeable hearing aids all come in the Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) style. That way, they can be easily popped into their charger at night when you are done with them. Also, some hearing aid manufacturers include a portable charging pod with their rechargeable hearing aids so that you can charge up your hearing aids on the go.

Connect Hearing Aids With Bluetooth

Technology integration has made our lives far easier, and that includes hearing aids. Many modern digital hearing aids now come with Bluetooth connectivity built into them. With this connectivity, you can sync your hearing aids with your TV, phone, music player, and other compatible devices.

Sometimes a secondary device is needed, like a TV streamer, to allow your hearing aids to connect wirelessly. But, rather than filtering the sound through your hearing aids, you can enjoy greater sound clarity when the sound is directly streamed to your hearing aids.

Resist Moisture And Dust

Hearing aids are a little tougher now than in past decades. More manufacturers are putting nanocoating on their hearing aids, helping to make them more resistant to moisture and dust. However, this improvement just makes your hearing aids more resistant, not impervious. You should still avoid direct contact or immersion in water and clean your hearing aids regularly.

A hearing aid dehumidifier can also be helpful. If you place your hearing aids into a dehumidifier for the night, this device will help dry out your hearing aids and keep moisture from collecting.

Manage Tinnitus With Hearing Aids

Another new innovation is using hearing aids to treat and manage tinnitus. Even those individuals without hearing loss have begun to use hearing aids as a treatment for tinnitus.

Our doctors of audiology can pre-program your hearing aids to produce a soothing white, pink, or other calming sounds to run in the background. That way, you are never left in complete silence, which often makes tinnitus worse. There are also hearing aids that allow you to control your tinnitus management from your smartphone, from choosing what sound plays to walking you through relaxation techniques.

Control Hearing Aids From Smartphone

Depending on your hearing aids and smartphone, you may be able to control your hearing aids from your smartphone. Some of the fine-tuned controls you may have available are:

  • Adjust the volume on your individual hearing aids
  • Create and save hearing programs
  • Manage tinnitus treatment
  • Locate missing hearing aids
  • Stream phone calls and other audio

If you are interested in any of these particular features, be sure to bring it up while talking to our audiologists. That way, they can focus on showing you hearing aids with these capabilities.

Learn Listening Preference

As you adjust your hearing aids, some modern hearing aids can learn your listening preferences and save programs for later. Sometimes, that means you can switch between hearing programs with a simple touch on your hearing aids. With other hearing aids, the listening profile can be saved on your smartphone. You can switch while using the hearing aid app on your smartphone.

With some hearing aids, you can geographically tag different areas with certain listening programs. Such as, you can tag your home with a set hearing aid program, and your hearing aids will automatically switch programs when you reach your home.

Remote Hearing Aid Care

It is not always convenient or easy to make it in to see your hearing doctors, especially if you are away on vacation or live far away. That’s part of why some of the newest hearing aids now come with remote hearing aid care.

You can message our doctors of audiology from your hearing aid app, and it will alert them to check on you and your hearing aids. Our audiologists can create changes to your hearing aid program and send them remotely to your hearing aids.

Find Hearing Aids With The Features You Want

To find the hearing aids you want, come visit us here at Hearing & Balance Doctors. Our doctors of audiology work with all major hearing aid brands and many of the smaller ones to ensure that they can offer you a wide range of hearing aid options.

If you would like to discuss your hearing aid options with our doctors of audiology, please contact us to set up your consultation. We look forward to transforming your hearing experience!

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