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4 Ways You Can Help Give the Gift of Hearing

4 Ways You Can Help Give the Gift of Hearing

The ability to hear is an integral part of how people communicate and connect with one another. When a person’s hearing is impaired, their connection to others—family, friends, coworkers, service staff, etc.—is disrupted, and communication becomes difficult.

To help restore this connection, hearing aids play a vital role. Modern digital hearing aids can capture, process, and amplify sound, allowing a person with hearing loss to overcome their impairment.

However, for many, the cost of hearing aids acts as a barrier. Not to mention, hearing loss and using hearing aids is stigmatized.

If you want to combat these issues and help give someone the gift of hearing this holiday season, our audiologists have some suggestions to assist your giving process.

1. Help De-Stigmatize Hearing Loss

Hearing loss and using hearing aids are both carry a strong social stigma. By eradicating that stigma, you can help others receive the treatment they need to overcome their hearing loss. Some of the ways you can advocate for healthy hearing is by:

  • Educate others – Helping others understand hearing loss—from what causes it to why treatment is needed—is an excellent way to de-stigmatize hearing loss. Also, by helping others see that they have more hearing aid style options that the old beige hearing aids their grandparents and parents wore, you can help them come to terms with owning hearing aids.
  • Support legislation – If there are any hearing impairment-related legislation up for a vote, be sure to support it and encourage others to exercise their right to vote. Also, you can talk to your state representatives in the House and Senate and encourage them to champion those with hearing loss.
  • Assist loved ones – Having your hearing tested can be intimidating. You can assist your loved one by going with them to their hearing evaluation, as they can benefit from your presence during the testing and to help your loved one remember important information.

2. Donate Pre-Owned Hearing Aids

If you have an old pair of hearing aids—whether you have upgraded to a new pair or were left in possession of a loved one’s hearing aids—you don’t have to toss them. Instead, consider donating these pre-owned hearing aids to a charitable organization.

Here in St. George, you can choose to donate used hearing aids to the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund. This organization will refurbish your used hearing aids and provide them to someone in need.

Should you prefer to donate to a national organization, there are several out there that will accept pre-owned hearing aids. One respected organization is Hearing Charities of America, which looks to provide hearing aids for low-income people nation-wide.

Both of these charities are 501(c)(3) organizations, which makes your donation of hearing aids tax-deductible as well as kind.

3. Advocate For Hearing Protection

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to your hearing. That is why this holiday season, you may want to advocate for hearing protection to the people in your life.

It can be something as simple as throwing in some reusable earplugs as stocking stuffers. If you want to be sure that they are used, you could add a small note on what type of events you recommend they wear their hearing protection.

Along with providing hearing protection, you can also share information on social media about lowering music volume, swapping out earbuds for headphones, wearing hearing protection at sporting events and concerts, as well as other pieces of helpful hearing information.

4. Assist Someone In Financing Hearing Aids

If you are in a position to do so, you can give the gift of hearing by helping a loved one finance their hearing aids. As hearing aids can be a considerable investment, some people are unable to afford the hearing aids they need. However, with the help, hearing aids can become much more accessible.

For instance, say your father needs hearing aids. Instead of you and your other family members trying to find the perfect gift, you can all pitch in to help buy your father the gift of hearing—a life-changing gift he will never forget.

Hearing & Balance Doctors Strives To Provide Hearing For All

Here at Hearing & Balance Doctors, we also try our best to give the gift of hearing. Along with offering financing options and having a wide variety of hearing aids at affordable prices, we also have our Hear for the Holidays contest.

For this contest, either the person in need of hearing aids or their friends and family can submit their information and reason why they deserve a free pair of hearing aids. Our doctors of audiology have already awarded the 2019 Hear for the Holidays winners, which you can see in the video below.

If you would like to help give the gift of hearing or want to help someone receive our hearing services, contact us. Also, naturally, you can contact us to set up a hearing appointment for yourself!

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