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How Often to Visit Your Audiologist

How Often to Visit Your Audiologist

Part of keeping your hearing in good order involves visits with your audiologist. But, unlike biannual cleanings with a dentist, it can be tough to know how often you should be seeing your audiologist to maintain your hearing.

The thing is, how often you should see your audiologist will be highly dependent on what you need. If you need hearing aids in St. George, UT, then you will likely need to see our audiologist at least once for a hearing evaluation and hearing aid demo, as well as a separate hearing aid fitting and follow-up appointments. If you are struggling with a balance disorder, you may only need one or two visits, dependent on your recovery.

To help you gauge if it is time to come in and visit with your local audiologists, here are some instances that indicate it’s time to make an appointment.

Come In For Yearly Hearing Exams

Hearing loss can occur much earlier in life than many people expect, beginning to impact many individuals in their late forties, early fifties. If you manage to catch your hearing loss early, it should not be able to impact your life as much as untreated hearing loss can affect a person.

Starting in your fifties, you should start coming in for yearly diagnostic hearing exams. You can visit our audiologists sooner if you suspect that you have hearing loss. But, if you don’t have any suspicions, a yearly exam visit should be enough to catch any hearing loss before it can become a serious issue.

Visit For Hearing Aid Needs

Of the major services your local audiologist provides, hearing aid dispensing, hearing aid fittings, as well as hearing aid adjustments and repairs, are why many people visit their audiologist.

Receiving your hearing aids is just the first step of caring for your hearing loss. You should book a professional hearing aid cleaning at least every 4-5 months. During the cleaning, our audiologists will check to ensure that everything is working as it should and provide any reprogramming adjustments you may need. And naturally, if you run into an issue—such as something on your hearing aid breaks or you notice that your hearing aids sound strange—you can come in to visit with us.

Consult Us For Progressive Tinnitus Management

For those who struggle with tinnitus, how often you see your audiologist will be highly dependent on your treatment plan.

Here at Hearing & Balance Doctors, our audiologists create personalized progressive tinnitus management plans. That way, you can have your tinnitus addressed at the rate that suits your needs. So, whether you use hearing aids as your tinnitus management or need tinnitus retraining therapy, our audiologists can cater to your tinnitus.

Work With Our Audiologist To Correct Impacted Earwax

Earwax is a natural product produced by our ears. It helps prevent things from becoming lodged inside the ear canal, and in general, your body will regulate earwax levels.

However, some people are more prone to developing excessive earwax. Sometimes, this excess is due to wearing hearing aids or because of genetics. If your earwax becomes compact, it can cause temporary hearing loss and trigger tinnitus. Our doctors of audiology can either provide you with a safe wax cleaner or remove the impacted wax in-office.

Address Balance Disorders

If you have been having issues with your balance, it is time to see your audiologist. Balance and hearing can often be intertwined, and if you have issues with one, you may struggle with the other.

Often, after you have had the initial balance appointment, depending on your needs, our audiologists will set up follow-up appointments.

Book An Appointment For These Hearing Loss Signs

Last but not least, you will want to visit our audiologists if you notice any of these common signs of hearing loss:

  • You have difficulty hearing women and children speaking.
  • TV volume and other audio devices have to be turned up very high.
  • Start to avoid socializing as it is hard to hear others.
  • When you struggle to hear background sounds like birds singing and a fan running.

So, if you fall into one of the above categories, then it is time to make an appointment with our audiologists. Feel free to contact us today and set up a time to come in and let us take care of you and your hearing needs.

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