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The Gift of Hearing: The Best Present You Can Give Yourself & Your Loved Ones

The Gift of Hearing: The Best Present You Can Give Yourself & Your Loved Ones
Living with untreated hearing loss can be slowly debilitating. From feeling cut off socially to struggling to navigate basic activities, hearing loss can impact all aspects of a person’s life. However, while hearing loss is a serious issue, the cost of hearing aids can be a barrier for someone who needs them.

With the giving season upon us, if you know someone who needs hearing aids, you may want to consider gifting them with the best present of all—restored hearing.

Why Hearing Aids Make A Great Gift

Before talking to our doctors of audiology, many of our patients didn’t see all the ways that their hearing loss was impacting their lives. But once they received their hearing aids, our patients have expressed how having the ability to hear well again made a difference.

  • Easier to socialize – Using hearing aids makes it easier to socialize in a number of different settings. From having brunch with friends at a cafe to attending a family get-together, having good hearing allows your loved one to feel included and connected to the rest of the family.
  • Enjoy audio entertainment again – Hearing loss can impede your loved one’s favorite audio entertainment, whether it is live theatre or their favorite daytime TV shows. With hearing aids, their enjoyment in entertainment can be restored. Some hearing aids even have Bluetooth connectivity that allows the user to stream their entertainment and phone calls directly to their hearing aids for even better hearing.
  • Improved their safety – Being unable to hear what is going on around them can put your loved one in danger. From not hearing emergency vehicle sirens approaching the lack of sound input while walking, our hearing is critical to our safety. With properly-fitted hearing aids, you can significantly improve your loved one’s safety.
  • Helped with tinnitus – Hearing loss and tinnitus are often connected. If your loved one is suffering from tinnitus as well as hearing loss, hearing aids can help. Many styles of hearing aids are designed to help manage tinnitus. That management system can be controlled by them or pre-programmed by our audiologists, depending on the hearing aids and your loved one’s personal preference.

Also, when it comes to parents and grandparents, it can be practically impossible to find the right gift, especially as they seem to need nothing. But, if your loved one needs hearing aids, the whole family can chip in for the hearing aids, making it a family present that was given with love, which shows that you all want your loved one involved in your lives.

How To Be Sensitive When Gifting Hearing Aids

Now, while it is clear that the gift of hearing can be an excellent present for a loved one with a hearing impairment, it also can be a tough gift for them to accept.

For many people, hearing loss is a sensitive topic—and potentially embarrassing. While it is no more embarrassing than needing glasses to correct poor vision, there is a stigma attached to hearing aids that can be tough to shake. So, if you do want to gift your loved one with hearing aids this upcoming holiday season, you will need to be sensitive in your approach.

For one thing, it is best if you don’t give the gift in front of a crowd of others. Even if everyone is family, knowing that the whole family thinks they need hearing aids can be humiliating for your loved one. Instead, you may want to set up a private time to be alone to give the gift, such as coming over to your loved one’s house to spend time together.

Your loved one may push back and say there is nothing wrong with their hearing, people just need to speak up, stop mumbling, and other such things. Rather than pointing out potentially distressing examples where your loved one couldn’t hear, take it from a different angle.

For instance, say that you have young children, and your loved one has a hard time hearing what they say, as high-frequency hearing loss is common when it comes to hearing impairment. Talk to your loved one how you would like them to be able to connect with your children and be a part of their lives, and how hearing aids will help your loved one do just that.

Also, it is common for your loved one to be nervous when it comes to having their hearing checked. Offer to go with your loved one to their hearing evaluation so that you can help them get through it. Having a familiar face present can help your loved one feel calmer and more able to go through with having their hearing tested.

Hearing & Balance Doctors Can Help You Give The Gift Of Hearing This Season

Whether you need hearing aids yourself or you are helping a loved one regain their hearing, Hearing & Balance Doctors are here to help. With multiple convenient locations, compassionate and experienced doctors of audiology, and plenty of hearing aid options, the right hearing aids are just waiting to help unlock the world of sound for you or your loved one.

If you would like to schedule a consultation or hearing evaluation with our doctors of audiology for yourself or a loved one, please contact us. We look forward to helping you give the gift of hearing this season to someone in need.

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