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Utah: 435-688-8991 Nevada: 702-896-0031

What is an Audiologist?

If your doctor has recently told you to go see an audiologist, you may be wondering what that is. An audiologist is a hearing professional who has made it their specialty to treat various hearing disorders and conditions at every level of severity. Unlike an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, they are focused entirely on the ears, and the different functions that can be impacted by them (balance, communication. ect).

Until recently an audiologist only had to hold a Master’s degree in audiology. Now regulations state that anyone who didn’t already hold a Master’s at the time the policy changed would have to seek a PhD in the subject. This is good news for patients, as it expands the list of duties their audiologist can perform.

What An Audiologist Does

The primary tasks of an audiologist include:

  • Doing audiological examinations meant to determine your level of hearing loss.
  • Doing audiological examinations meant to determine the source of your hearing loss.
  • Ordering hearing aids, and fitting them when they possess the correct licensing to allow it.
  • Knowing the correct insurance billing practices to help patients pay for hearing devices.
  • Helping the patient adjust to cochlear implants as part of a regulated program.
  • Monitoring patients post-surgery in cases where surgical intervention is necessary.
  • Running tests on infants and children as part of hearing programs across the country.
  • Taking part in the creation and running of programs meant to reduce avoidable hearing loss in the general population.

These are only some of the valuable tasks performed by audiologists. To find out more, visit HearingDoctors.net.