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Hearing & Balance Doctors is currently open. We are taking special measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 including offering a curbside service for hearing aids. Please call 435-688-8991 for more information. Utah: 435-688-8991 | Nevada: 702-896-0031
Hearing & Balance Doctors is currently open. We are taking special measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 including offering a curbside service for hearing aids. Please call 435-688-8991 for more information. Utah: 435-688-8991 | Nevada: 702-896-0031

Other Hearing Services

As some of the leading doctors of audiology here in Southern Utah, we do our best to provide a substantial array of hearing services for our community. So, if you have been searching for a specific hearing service, it is likely that you can have your need met at one of our hearing clinics.

Diagnostic Audiological Evaluation

One of our most popular services is the diagnostic audiological evaluation. While a simple hearing test or screening can only determine if hearing loss is present, a diagnostic audiological evaluation goes much further. Along with the comprehensive hearing evaluation, other audiological evaluation steps may be:

  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) – Primarily used to check for neurological markers indicating hearing loss in children.
  • Otoacoustic Emission Screening (OAE) – Records the sounds the ear emits, checking for specific damage to the hair cells in the outer ear.
  • Visual Reinforcement and Conditioned Play –  For children with hearing loss, it is a tool to assess how hearing loss has affected development.
  • Auditory Steady-State Response Testing (ASSR) – Also used on children to determine hearing loss.

By having an in-depth evaluation, our doctors of audiology are better able to tailor their recommendations to your specific hearing loss needs.

Industrial Hearing Testing

Those who work in industrial settings which are subject to 85 decibels or more as a regular part of their work need to have their hearing tested, as mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Our doctors of audiology can provide industrial hearing testing and help you protect your hearing over the years.

Hearing Aid Dispensing And Fitting

A key service provided at Hearing & Balance Doctors is hearing aid dispensing and fittings. As hearing aids are specialized pieces of technology, it is important to choose carefully when selecting a hearing aid dispenser.

When you work with our audiologists, you will have plenty of hearing aid options. We work with most of the major hearing aid manufacturers and have hearing aids available to meet a range of budgets and lifestyles. With the assistance of our audiologists, you can have your hearing aids fitted to your hearing requirements and reprogrammed to suit your needs.

Hearing Aid Repair Services

Hearing aids are intricate pieces of technology and can require repairs as they are meant to be used on a daily basis. At our hearing clinics, we offer in-office hearing aid repair services. These services can be bundled with the purchase of your hearing aids, allowing you to access our repair services at no extra cost to you for the lifetime of your hearing aids.

Also, along with our repair services, you can bring your hearing aids in for professional cleanings. By having your hearing aids professionally cleaned and services on a regular basis, you can extend their life and enjoy improved sound quality.

Cell Phone Hearing Accessories

As technology becomes increasingly more integration-friendly, it is no wonder that there are hearing accessories for cell phones and smartphones. Some of these accessories are:

  • Telecoils
  • Neckloops
  • Earhook silhouette
  • Device management apps
  • Call streaming devices

Our doctors can also help you find other hearing aid accessories, such as a TV streamer or hearing aid dehumidifier, to help you improve the utility of your hearing aids.

Excess Earwax Removal

While it can seem like nothing more than a nuisance, excessive earwax can be a significant issue. Not only can it increase tinnitus symptoms, but built-up earwax can:

  • Increase hearing loss as it blocks out more sound
  • Become compacted and cause considerable pain
  • Damage your hearing aids as it clogs the device and invites moisture

But it is not recommended to try and remove your excessive earwax yourself. Our hearing specialist offer to clean earwax out of your ears, either with the help of a specialized kit or in-office if it has become compacted.

Custom Earplugs

Every ear is slightly different and you may need custom earplugs to protect your hearing properly. Even if you already have a degree of hearing loss, it is important to protect your hearing, as exposure to noise-induced damage can compound the issue.

To help prevent this problem, our doctors of audiology can help you find the right custom earplugs for you, whether you are a swimmer struggling with swimmer’s ear or a handyman who uses power tools regularly.

Along with the development of custom earplugs, we can also recommend other types of hearing protection to those who need more coverage such as hunters and gun range enthusiasts. Our audiologists can also create custom earmolds to help you seal in sound more completely and feel more comfortable using your hearing aids.

Musician Earplugs And Monitors

Many musicians end up suffering from tinnitus and hearing loss later in their careers. To prevent this, we offer specialized earplugs and monitors for musicians. These custom musician earplugs can lower decibel (dB) impact by 20 dB, which is enough to protect a musician’s ears without impeding their ability to play. It can also be helpful for others in loud noise exposure professions such as truck drivers, referees, construction workers, and others.

There are also In-ear monitors (IEM), which captures sound and lowers the volume, all while preserving the quality of the sound. These need to be custom-made for the best fit.

To work with our experienced doctors of audiology and access our top-tier services, contact us to set up an appointment today. We are ready to help you take control of your hearing today.